I am what I am

Some people know me, but most people don’t. I thought that one day everyone would know who I am, but I suppose that I was wrong, It seemed such an obvious truth. but perhaps, if only I could love as he loves. To the willing hearts, I share my story.

I was created with little thought to my intended purpose. Not with the scarcest of materials, but the common bits of things, in the hope that my destiny would never be fulfilled. My creator looked upon me with no foreboding of the future. I was tall and stood above everyone else. I was strong, and could carry anything secured to me. My purpose became clear only after I was beaten and worn.

I remember that blessed day only as if it were yesterday. I remember being carried through the city, on the back of the king. I fell to the ground almost more than never. I was a burden. I looked up into the sky and saw the heat of the sun beating down. He was pinned straight to me and I could not move as I looked down upon the ground. The sky became dark and I could feel the weight bearing down on me. Then, without warning, all of the weight lifted, and I was free.

Everything was different after that day. Everything had meaning. Everything had purpose. I was no longer unnerved by my impending destiny. I served the rest of my days without worry or regret. I tried to become just like the man that changed me that day. I became weaker and weaker with every passing day, like all things new.

That is my story however short it may seem. I know that I cannot change the world, I live in the hope, that he will change the world through me. Someone once told me that they saw his love through me. That is how I want it told. Perhaps, through time, everyone will know my story and I can say that “I am The Cross.”


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