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Today, one of my friendsposted a link to Zeitgeist.
I watched the video, and recorded my notes for you to read.

This video is unbelievably unbiblical. For instance, the bible NEVER says the day or even the month in which Jesus was born. Christmas, therefor, IS on a pagan holiday, but IS NOT when Jesus was born. If you would like, we could watch it together and I can show you that most of what they are saying about Christ is not in the bible, but has been constructed through pop-cultural beliefs about Christ. This is the problem. Most people, even most Christians, do not read the Bible, and they have no idea what it actually says about Christ. I would love to watch it with you, either in person or via phone, let me know.

Why December 25? | Christian History (thanks Brent)

However, it is interesting to see Pagan beliefs, but the film makes a non-biblical correlation between the two. That is like what is happening to Tiger Woods… the tabloids are making up the story, because they are not satisfied with that he has said… this is sad.

Jesus & Horus Parallels – A Christian Response

Investigating the Similarities between Jesus and Pagan Figures

The Bible never mentions that Christ was visited by 3 Kings. It says in Matthew 2 that he was visited by “Majis”. First of all, a Maji, is not a King. Secondly, We don’t even know how many their were (but obviously more then 2. In pop-culture their are 3, because 3 gifts were brought: gold, frankincense, and murr. The idea of visited by “Kings” and the idea of exactly 3, is completely fabricated from pop-culture.

Interestingly, in the video, they show the earth revolving around the sun in the astrological map. This of course, was not realized until much much later, when Sir Isaac Newton postulated the idea that the earth was not the center of the solar system.

In the video, they are taking the direct quotes way out of context. If I talked to you for an hour about a subject, but I took 1 line out of that conversation and made it your whole point, that would be an incorrect view of what you were trying to say. In the same way, the Bible needs to be read and understood in context. Here are the direct quotes in context, you will see that he is not talking about what the video says he is talking about:

John 9:1-12

Matthew 18:1-10

John 14:1-6

2 Corinthians 4:1-6

Romans 13:11-14

John 3:1-21

Mark 13:24-26

John 19:5-16

Also, the part about Moses is completely out of context. First Moses asked for ALL who were for the Lord, to come to him. And THEN he commanded them to go out and kill those in the camp who were not for the Lord. This is a representation of Salvation. Jesus is calling everyone to himself, but in the end (see Revelation), those who are not for the Lord, are destroyed.

Exodus 32:25-29

People have the Jesus fish on their car, because of Matthew 4:19:
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

The Flood of Noah and the Flood of Gilgamesh

The dinosaur fossils were not put here to test our faith… they haven’t been here as long as people think they have. Of course, this gets into a whole different scientific discussion.

The fact that Joseph has similarities to Christ, does not say that Jesus is a facsimile of the same character. It only magnifies God’s glorious purpose, as Joseph’s life is a foreshadowing to that of Christ. Just as the account of Issac finding his wife, is amazing allegorical to that of Christ finding his wife (the church). It only shows… that this was God’s plan all along.

Luke 9:58

Interesting how God had no place to rest his head at night, because he was not accepted (Luke 9). Why then do you expect it to be in every historical record? And, where in the world is this ‘evidence’ that Josephus’ account is not accurate?

The New Testament was canonized long before emperor Constantine was in power. So all of our beliefs had already been established, and from the resurrection of Christ to 300 years later, Christians were crucified for their beliefs. The notion that our beliefs were born for political reasons, is incredibly inaccurate and insulting. However, Constantine did make Christianity the official religion of Rome. At the same time, he set up the clergy system (that is copied from Pagan & Judaic religions). Sadly, this system WAS set up for control over the people, but I have been learning recently, that the clergy system, has no basis in the new testament. Hence the reason, at the moment, I do not belong to a church (but, I pray that God leads me to one).

I agree, religion is slavery. sin is slavery. righteousness is slavery. However, Christ is freedom, because, as I have discussed with you numerous times, I do not have a religion, I do not believe in a religion, I reject religion, and I hate religion… but, my friend, I am in love with Jesus, the Christ.


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