Does Jesus hate religion?

Perhaps I am wrong, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t think He was actually talking about the religion as in “our faith” in the bible, but the “religiousness” of people. Perhaps he should have been more clear, but I think Jesus was very much against religiosity, or someone being religious for the sake of being religious. I wouldn’t describe Jesus as a ‘religious man’ and it seemed that the people he had the harshest words against were the religious. It’s strange that the word can mean something good as in ‘our faith’ but can also mean something bad. Personally I think the difference comes down to religious traditions. Are we so stuck in our traditions that we can no longer help people? I think this is true more in this country than anywhere. We (the church) own 180 billion dollars in church property in the united states alone… would Jesus own that? did Jesus own anything? I think that’s the heart of what he is trying to say, but I agree that the video wasn’t all that clear, but hey, if you don’t like it, make a better one.


  • David McMullen says:

    I saw this video and read the reviews. I completely agree with your statement and had the understanding that people were getting confused about what religion he was referencing. Thank you for the comment, I enjoyed it!

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