WordPress... UGH

I'm already starting to get annoyed with WordPress. I can't seem to get the attribution to exist for the featured image. The best I can do is put it in the post somewhere, but that's going to be a pain when I migrate as I'll have to manually move all that over. I tried a few different plugins, but none of them worked. I know I could create a subtheme and print the caption or descrption on the page, but I'm trying to avoid coding something I know I am going to throw away anyways. I also can't add a simple field to add a sameAs property. I would like to cross-post items here and on Facebook/Twitter and link them together, but there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way to do this. There is also a complete lack of SQLite support which is annoying.

The migration to Drupal might have to happen sooner rather than later. Apologies to the image authors who are lacking attribution here, I'm working on fixing that.