Using a web server to dynamically serve content from a single geographical location is not fast nor stable to put it mildly.

As Chickaree is coming along, I thought I should give a bit of an update of where we are headed and some new ideas I've had. One of the looming issues for this service is how to syncronize data between devices. At first, I was thinking I could create a stop-gap solution and let users sync their subscriptions with OneDrive (or something like that). I've realized that this is a waste of development time.

Lately, I have been trying to figure out what the restriction(s) on free accounts would be on Silk Floss. At first, I was thinking free accounts would only allow public content. Because public content can be cached for long periods of time on a CDN, there is little overhead in allowing only public content and making private content a "premium" (read: non-free) feature, since the costs in serving private content are much higher.

Based on Jack Dorsey's statement, I read a lot into ActivityPub which is mentioned in the replies multiple times. I imagine it's the inevitable standard that the bluesky team will choose as it does fit Twitter's use cases (unless they fall down a rabbit hole of decentralization tech). Although, I'm not convinced that Twitter will become an ActivityPub server, they may only be an ActivityPub client.