It may not be pretty, but I've migrated everything to Drupal now. I'm using the default Bartik theme. I got the sources added to the images, but having the entire URL displayed is somewhat annoying, I would prefer to have it only show the domain name. I didn't see a module to do this, so perhaps a problem for a different day.

I keep talking about starting my blog back up, but I keep thinking about how I need to move it to Drupal and create my own theme, and that stops me from actually having a blog. So in the interest of progressive enhancment and agile development. Here's my blog, once again. :)

The first time I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I stopped watching the movie when the opening credits rolled roughly seventeen minutes into the film. Unfortunately, the first time I viewed the film I didn’t stick around long enough for the most amazing parts of the film. When I finally finished watching the film all the way through I was thoroughly impressed by the use of a multitude of techniques to achieve a look and feel that can only be described as amazing.