An Open Letter to Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott, and Rep. Demings regarding COVID-19 in federal prisons

Senator Rubio, Senator Scott, and Representative Demings:

I am writing to you as one of your constituents in desperate need of your help. My father-in-law is an elderly man and a non-violent offender in a federal minimum security facility in Jesup, Georgia. I am deeply concerned that when COVID-19 enters the prison facility, my father-in-law with his age and existing medical conditions, will quickly become a severe case. Since he is in prison, he will not receive adequate medical care and access to the already limited supply of respirators.

I am pleading that you would find the compassion to release non-violent elderly offenders like my father-in-law early to self-isolate at home with their families. He has taken full responsibility for his actions and regrets what he did. To leave these vulnerable people in these facilities is tantamount to a death sentence. My father-in-law knows that what he did is wrong, but I do not accept that anyone believes he deserves to die.

With great respect,
David Barratt