And.... on Drupal now!

It may not be pretty, but I've migrated everything to Drupal now. I'm using the default Bartik theme. I got the sources added to the images, but having the entire URL displayed is somewhat annoying, I would prefer to have it only show the domain name. I didn't see a module to do this, so perhaps a problem for a different day.

WordPress... UGH

I'm already starting to get annoyed with WordPress. I can't seem to get the attribution to exist for the featured image. The best I can do is put it in the post somewhere, but that's going to be a pain when I migrate as I'll have to manually move all that over. I tried a few different plugins, but none of them worked. I know I could create a subtheme and print the caption or descrption on the page, but I'm trying to avoid coding something I know I am going to throw away anyways.